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            Computer Maintenance Service Plans

            HJR SOFTWARE provides our signature computer maintenance service plans. Common names for our type of service plans are computer repair plans, computer maintenance plans, computer service plans, computer maintenance contracts, computer repair contracts, IT support plans, information technology contracts, etc. For more than 15 years, HJR SOFTWARE's expert service has been known by it service marks: HJR SOFTWARE's ePASS, HJR SOFTWARE's bePASS and HJR SOFTWARE's rPASS!

            Our service plans are designed to keep your computer equipment running smoothyly and provide you with timely support and repair when you need it. Additionally, our plans save you money and allow you to spread the inevitable cost of maintaining your computer equipment in good working order over long periods of time via a consistent, low monthly recurring subscription instead of paying large, lump sum payments at times of urgent unpredictable need and sometimes near catastrophic computer failure or seizure events. A lot of people like to think of our service as computer maintenance insurance. Whereas manufacturers warrant their products against original manufacturing defects, our service plans deliver, install, diagnose, fix, repair, upgrade, backup, enhance, and keep your computers and attached computer related items running smoothly in reliable working condition.

            What good is a virus infected computer or a laptop with a cracked or broken screen?
            How frustrating can it be when you're trying to get things done and either you can't figure it out, can't get the manufacturer on the phone because you're in a phone queue with hundreds of other people, or just don't have the time to bother with something that you know should be performing much better than it is?

            Example 1: We buy tools to do the work for us. You buy a hammer to knock in a nail. If everytime you went to use that hammer, the head fell off of it, or the wooden arm split, and before you could hit the nail effectively, you had to tinker with the tool, how effect would you be at knocking nails? Not very effective!

            Example 2: If your car is a tool for getting you from place to place, you can't just go out a buy a new car every time yours breaks down. To keep that car running reliably, from time to time it needs maintenance. It needs a tune-up, an oil-change, a good washing, wipers changed, tires rotated, break fluid, etc. If you think you're going to buy a computer and never need it maintenance, you're not living down here on planet earth. Every computer you've ever owned at some point in time is going to need some sort of service. Plan for it. Be prepaired for it and use the expert computer services of HJR SOFTWARE to keep your computers running smoothly for as long as you use them.

            The HJR SOFTWARE computer equipment and support service plans are designed based on the type of user you are and your location. North Carolina legislation has made us further divide our services based on location as we must collect taxes on services delivered to equipment located in North Carolina.

            Select the plan that suits you best according to where your computer equipment is located. The majority of our work is done onsite unless you live outside of our onsite service area which covers basically a 45-mile radius around Belmont, North Carolina including parts of South Carolina.

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